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Our Center's Mission:

To help researchers, Food Service Directors, and policy makers design sustainable research-based lunchrooms that subtly guide smarter choices.

These can include overlooked low-cost/no cost lunchroom changes – environmental changes – that can lead a student to unknowingly make healthier lunch choices without knowing they were "nudged" in that direction by the way the lunchroom was designed.

By sponsoring research and designing outreach programs, our Center provides proven win-win ideas. Ideas that help students make healthier foods choices, and ideas that are easy and profitable for schools to implement.

The Request for Proposals has just been released! To find out more, please visit the Grants & Research page. Questions? Contact us at


Video Spotlight

Brian Wansink and David Just doing a Lunchroom Makeover - Part I. Click here to see Part II of the Makeover

A Few Quick Tips

Lunch Line Redesign -- NYTime
Lunch Line Redesign - NYTime (download graphic)
  • Just suggesting students take a fruit will increase the number of them eating it by as much as 70%.
  • Closing the lid on an ice cream freezer can reduce the number of people choosing ice cream from 30% to 14%.
  • Introducing a salad bar increased school lunch participation by 21% in a high school of 1,000 students.