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Grants & Research

Grant Opportunities for Researchers

The Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs (BEN Center) runs an annual award program that seeks to support research involving the applications of behavioral economics in child nutrition programs, particularly those focusing on the National School Lunch Program.

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Work in Progress

Recent Research

  • Perceptions of school lunch and barriers to school lunch participation among high school students in two public high schools in North Carolina (BEN Grantee: Ammerman/Smith) - Under Review: Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
  • Cafeteria assessment for elementary schools: Development, reliability testing, & validation, (BEN Center Grantee: Wells/Rollings) – under review
  • Sociodemographic factors associated with school lunch participation in two public high schools in North Carolina. (BEN Center Grantee: Ammerman/Smith) - Under Review: JAMA Pediatrics
  • How Do Informational Prompts Affect Choices in the School Lunchroom? (Ben Center Grantee: List) – working paper
  • Can Smarter Lunchrooms Increase Fruit and Vegetable Servings while Decreasing Waste and Costs? – work in progress
  • How the New USDA Regulations for the National School Lunch Program Influence Food Choices and Waste – work in progress
  • Vegetable-Promoting Smarter Lunchrooms RCT Positively Impacts Health Food Items – work in progress
  • Smarter Lunchrooms: Using Asymmetric Paternalism to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake in School Cafeterias – work in progress
  • The Smarter Lunchroom Tray: Designing the Sustainable, Scientific Solution to Lunch – work in progress
  • A Cross-Sectional Study: School Characteristics Influence School Adoption of the Smarter Lunchroom Approach – work in progress
  • Did the 2012 USDA School Meal Guidelines have a Long-Term Impact on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption? – work in progress
  • Cash for Cookies: Exploring Healthier Cafeteria Payment Systems – work in progress