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    • PI: Dr. Deana Hildebrand
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Project Title:
    Broadening Use of Choice Architecture Strategies in Middle-school Nutrition Settings and Understanding the Extent to which Use of Strategies Impact Middle-school Students Selection of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Key Findings
    The overall aim of this project was to broaden the use of Choice Architecture (CA) in middle-school nutrition settings and study the impact on students’ fruit and vegetable choices. Findings revealed a significant increase in the use of CA strategies. Managers’ support of CA was high throughout the project and varied from very supportive to supportive. There was a moderate, positive correlation between managers’ support and extent of CA strategy use. There was no increase in fruit and vegetable servings after the implementation of CA strategies, which may be due to timing of the project, and the recent implementation of the new NSLP meal pattern requirements. Use of the Diffusion of Innovation Theory may be useful in future efforts to further expand use of CA strategies in school cafeterias. Further research is needed to study the interaction of new meal pattern requirements and CA on students’ food choices.
  • Publications