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    • PI: Dr. Elena Serrano
  • Virginia Polytech Institute
  • Project Title:
    The Effect of School Cafeteria Noise on Student Food Consumption
  • Key Findings
    The goal of our study was to explore the question: To what degree does school cafeteria noise influence food consumption and food waste of young children. Sound levels and food waste were collected in four schools. Then, food waste was collected in schools with the highest and lowest sound levels. The noise level for school 1 was 75 decibels (db) and for school 2 it was 80 db, both above what is recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency to protect hearing. Across the schools, there was no significant relationship between food waste and noise levels. However, in school 1, the louder the noise, the less food waste there was; the opposite was true in school 2. Overall, the findings highlight the complexity of understanding the interaction between auditory cues and food consumption. Future studies are warranted to further explore this interaction.
  • Presentations
    • Schroeter, C and B. Brookes. “Empirical Analysis of an Incentive-Based Health Program with College Students.” Track session paper, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Boston, MA July 30-August 2, 2016.