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    • PI: Dr. Karla Shelnutt
  • University of Florida
  • Project Title:
    Main Dish Items Served with Incorporated Vegetables and Vegetable Consumption in School Lunch Programs
  • Key Findings
    We used the Quarter-Waste method to estimate vegetable consumption to determine if combining vegetable side dish items with main dish items (bundling) increases vegetable consumption among elementary and middle school students. The meals and vegetable sides that were tested included broccoli and teriyaki chicken and lettuce/tomato cups and tacos. Bundling meals increased vegetable selection in intervention schools by 250%. Bundling significantly increased vegetable consumption in intervention schools compared to baseline (p <0003) and compared to controls (p <015). Bundling vegetables with suitable main dish items is an effective and inexpensive means of increasing consumption with little impact on waste or cost.
  • Publications