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    • PI: Dr. Christopher Gustafson
  • University of Nebraska
  • Project Title:
    Participatory vs. Non-Participatory Marketing of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
  • Key Findings
    In this study, we investigate a simple, low-cost intervention by involving students in the creation of vegetable marketing materials. We examine the effect of student participation in the design of vegetable promotional materials on food choice and consumption in three conditions at different schools: a participation and marketing condition, in which students designed promotional materials, which were subsequently posted in the lunchroom; a participation only condition, where students designed promotional materials only (the materials were not posted); and a marketing only condition, in which students were exposed to materials that they had no role in designing. Food choice and consumption were also monitored in a control school. We find that students who design vegetable promotion materials, which are then posted in the school lunchroom, and students who are exposed to promotional materials in the school lunchroom increase consumption of vegetables. However, students who design materials promoting vegetables increase consumption significantly more than when students are simply exposed to the promotional materials. Students who design promotional materials doubled their consumption of vegetables relative to baseline when those materials were posted in the school lunchroom.
  • Publications