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    • PI: Dr. Zata Vickers
  • University of Minnesota
  • Project Title:
    Serving Vegetables First as a Strategy for Increasing Vegetable Consumption in an Elementary School Cafeteria
  • Key Findings
    The objective of our proposed research was to build on our pilot test results to determine if the ‘serving vegetables first’ strategy works with a variety of vegetables and with different serving procedures. We served kindergarten through fifth-grade students a small portion (26-33 g) of a raw vegetable (red and yellow bell peppers or broccoli) while they waited in line to receive the rest of their lunch meal. They then had the options to take more of the served-first vegetable, a different vegetable, or no vegetable from the lunch line. We measured the amount of each vegetable consumed by each child. Serving vegetables first greatly increased the number of students eating vegetables. On intervention days most of the vegetables consumed came from the vegetables-first portions.
  • Publications