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    • PI: Dr. Ameena Batada
  • University of North Carolina Asheville
  • Project Title:
    Fresh Foods First (ongoing project)
  • Project Progress
    The purpose of the Fresh Foods First study was to assess the changes in fruit and vegetable selection and consumption among elementary school children after changing the school cafeteria set-up and displaying a poster. Using a quasi-experimental design, three elementary schools, including two treatment and one control school, in a mid-size city in the Southeastern United States participated in the study. Data were collected at three time points – two weeks before, on the first day of, and two weeks after, the intervention, in fall 2015. Photos of 2,002 trays across the three schools were taken as children left the lunch line, and photos of 1,586 trays were taken as students returned them. Differences in the percent of trays with fresh fruits and vegetables and the average number of fruits or vegetables taken and thrown away were compared across intervention status and time points. Data analyses are underway to determine if there was a relative increase in fruit and vegetable selection and/or consumption at the schools with the change in set-up and the poster display.