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    • PI: Dr. Mallory Vestal
  • West Texas A&M University
  • Project Title:
    The Impact a “Traffic Light” Labeling System has on Decisions made by Adolescents
  • Key Findings
    This research project assessed four alternative low-cost preordering entrée methods in an elementary school setting. Further, the project assessed the impact a ‘traffic-light’ labeling system has on decisions made by adolescents. Over the 8-week data collection period, alternative low-cost preorder entrée methods were assessed and primary data collected for kindergarten through 4th grade. The first 4-week data collection period served as the control followed by ‘traffic light’ implementation and subsequent 4-week data collection of individual entrée selection. Upon completion of data collection, statistical analysis was conducted. Overall, there is minimal behavioral response to coupling nutritional labeling with low-cost preorder methods. However, there are observations of students changing their lunch entrée choices. Some students improved their dietary habits by preordering yellow labeled entrées instead of red labeled entrées, while others made improvements to their nutrition by preordering more green entrées rather than yellow. Is the behavior modification of a few students enough to justify schools coupling nutritional labeling with preorder methods? Further research is needed to adequately address the aforementioned question.
  • Publications:
    Master Thesis “Using Nutritional Labeling with Preordering Methods to Influence Student Entrée Selection, 2015