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    • PI: Dr. Andrew Hanks
  • Ohio State University
  • Project Title:
    Measuring the Long Term Impact of Behavioral Interventions in School Cafeterias
  • Key Findings:
    A growing body of research demonstrates the beneficial impact of behavioral interventions in school lunchrooms. Yet due to institutional or resource constraints these interventions are often implemented during short time horizons – 4 to 6 weeks – and often without follow up data collection. As a result, researchers are unable to identify time-dependent factors, such as saturation points or seasonal effects, which affect responses. In this study, we had two primary objectives: 1) determine if there is a period where the effect of the intervention begins to wear off; and 2) determine if any impacts from the intervention continue after the intervention is removed. For the first objective, we find that during a 15 week study, the impact of the intervention begins to wear off at week 9. We “suggest refreshing” the intervention a couple of times during the semester to maintain the impact. For the second objective, we find that the impact of the intervention does not persist once the intervention is removed.