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    • PI: Dr. Janani Thapa
  • University of Georgia
  • Project Title:
    Lunchroom Table Talkers Talk School Students into Eating Fruits and Vegetables
  • Key Findings
    In this project selection and consumption of fruits and vegetables were promoted through a nudging and choice architecture intervention in school lunchrooms in two school districts serving neighborhoods with different socioeconomic status and sociodemographic make-up. The design of the research was a randomized field experiment study using a pre-post design with control group. The intervention was providing fun facts about fruits and vegetables in table talkers (a trifold placed in the center of tables) to increase familiarity and hence selection and consumption of fruits and vegetables. The study key findings are:
    • The study showed a positive intervention effect on servings of fruits and vegetables selected and consumed in the school district with fewer percentage of the students receiving free and reduced price lunch. However, the effect on consumption was not significant in the school district serving higher proportion of free and reduced lunch eligible students.
    • The study findings suggest that results of field experiments might need to be validated across school districts differing in socioeconomic and socio-demographic makeup.
  • Publications:
    Rajbhandari Thapa, J. (2016, June). Table Talkers Talk Kids into Healthy Eating. In 6th Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economists. Ashecon.